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Thank you for a wonderfully transporting session last week - I loved it all! I am especially grateful to you for your reassurance in overcoming my first time shyness. As an older man it is natural to worry about erectile disfunction - in such capable hands I need not have done so.

75 years

I visited MM during my week in Nelson and was not disappointed.
From the moment you arrive you are treated like a friend. I was totally relaxed and so enjoyed the whole experience of intimacy accompanied by an excellent full body massage.
Thsnk you MM...I hope to see you soon


My first experience with Massage Man was absolutely lovely, he is every bit the caring and understanding individual I hoped for after coming across his website. I knew I had found the right person to care for me after reading about his values.

Massage Man provided me with a safe and comforting intimate experience that let me relax enough to really get into things and start enjoying them, I?m already looking forward to seeing him again.

( 31 years male )

I booked my session with Massage Man feeling more than a little nervous. But there was no need for such anxiety.

Massage Man is a superb therapist. Gentle, relaxed and non-judgemental, he achieved an amazingly powerful intimate healing of my mind and body's tensions.

I thoroughly recommend him with no reservations.

A frequent flyer
63 yrs

After a long and adventuresome tour of New Zealand, I found myself in Auckland and in need of a great massage before heading home. I did a quick Google search for Male Massage in Auckland, and was delighted to find Massage Man's website. I was grateful that he was willing to extend his usual hours for me, and booked the 90 minute ultimate treatment. Massage Man’s small photo on the website doesn't do him justice - he is a towering man, and strikingly beautiful. Very strong! The massage far exceeded my expectations, and can unhesitatingly recommend him. I have experienced massage around the world, and this was one of my best ever!


"This was my first sensual massage and male to male experience. Massage Man was warm and welcoming and quickly made me feel at ease. The ambience was perfect and Massage Man made it possible to forget the world for a while and just be present in the sensual experience. It was amazing."

Ngā mihi

35 years

Great experience, considerate, accomodating and professional, would highly recommend, the website does not lie.

45 years

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment with Massage Man. His warm personality and welcoming vibe made me feel at ease and accepted. The massage itself was fantastic--his strong touch was exactly what my body needed. And what I can say about the full service experience? Let's just say it was very hot with a handsome gentleman, and quite the welcome to New Zealand!

39 years

Thank you once again that you so gracefully leaded me through and into a new and another dimension in the world of sensing and love.

53 yr first timer Swedish man

I am having a fulfilling emotional, life re-aligning experience with you Massage Man. I celebrate how open you are: easy going, focused and intense, while soft and caring . You are a True Healer. I imagine in the ancient worlds you would be a Shaman. You use every part of your being to heal; your heart, your soul, your mind, your intuition, your body (completely if needed) to heal, to shift a persons energy. Your comfort with yourself, your journey to where you are today, by association, informs my journey, mirrors to me if you will, that I too can be comfortable in my own skin: If I choose to let it happen. If I am able to see more clearly, just pure non-judgemental vision, learned bullshit set aside, perception of where I am in this moment, I will have taken an enormous step forward.

71 year male

I just wanted to thank you massively for the beautiful sensual massage yesterday. My body is completely relaxed and my spirit feels reinvigorated. It was an utterly pleasurable experience and I hope I can repeat it before too long. With aroha and gratitude.

64 yr old male

It was an absolute delight to meet you this morning. You are a very caring and understanding person showing a great deal of empathy. Thank you most sincerely for allowing me to share a wonderful experience with you. I can assure you it wont be the last and hopefully it wont be too long before I will give you a call to meet up again in the near future.


Just wanted to say many many thanks for the amazing session this morning. You took me to greater heights than I have ever experienced before. It was sheer bliss. You really are a very special and wonderful man always putting your clients wishes and desires foremost.

71 year old bi male

Massage Man is a compassionate man with a warm, sensual touch. His services will rejuvenate you and make you leave feeling confident, cared for and relaxed with a sense of sexual empowerment and relief.

24 year old male

"After 12 years, many different locations and 2 attempts at trying to meet Massage Man, the third time was successful. What a treat! As I get older spending intimate moments with another person are becoming less frequent and often not enjoyable. Massage Man was very clear in explaining all the options, put me at ease and allowed me time to relax. He was at all times professional and wonderfully passionate about his work. If I was independently wealthy i would be a regular client and am already looking forward to my next visit. He's a treasure!!!!"

Mature gay male

Woo what a sensational experience. Massage Man is a very skilled, professional gentleman providing an exceptional service allowing his client to set the boundaries in a clean, comfortable, relaxing environment.


Fantastic sensual massage you do, being a man you certainly know what areas to work on with slow sensual touch. I'll definitely be back to see you soon.


As a first-time I was a bit apprehensive about making the initial appointment and visit to Massage Man but as soon as I arrived he put me at ease and I have to say that the rest of the time was a fantastic experience. Why did I wait so long! His website was really useful in informing me what was to happen and it all followed through as it explained. Don't delay, make a booking today, you won't regret it!


Thank you for finally providing a service that is professional and caters to the more discerning gentleman. I stumbled across your website and thought you are a rare find, diamond in the rough. Thank you for finally providing a service that I feel comfortable with. I had a dismal experience of M2M massage with someone else but reading your website I can't help but feel that $280 is not a price but rather an investment for a good service.


Professional with clear respect for preferences. Skilled touch. Will definitely come back.


Massage Man provides a safe, discreet and relaxed enviroment for his clients and allows you to feel completely at ease. I was very reluctant to give this a go, but so glad i did as Massage Man allowed me to set my comfortable boundries and is just a generally good guy. Highly reccommend giving this a go.


Massage Man is a pleasure - pun intended - to visit, his premises are clean and the modern decor enhances the inviting ambience and experience Allan provides. Allan is a good looking dude, stands over 6 foot tall with a fantastic body that he uses to full advantage. I have indulged in my fantasies with Allan, he picks up on my mood and my needs exceptionally well. The shower facilities are clean, call him now, I will as I am overdue for a visit

58yr married male