Nelson’s best kept secret

Welcome to Massage Man, Nelson’s most professional & premier sex therapy for men.

Massage Man is discreetly located in Nelson.

I stand 6’4” tall, have an athletic swimmers build and warm brown eyes.

My aim is to put into practice my own personal philosophy and belief that sex therapy, if given as a professional therapeutic treatment, can be beneficial for those experiencing lack of intimacy or sexual challenges in their personal lives and not just regarded as a pseudo spiritual sexual massage.

I know exactly how to provide sex therapy that gives you both the professional strength of a therapeutic massage and genuine muscle work that is combined with slow intimate arousal of the whole body that may lead you to the ultimate of orgasm and then total relaxation. In the sex therapy that I give, arousal is not only acceptable it is encouraged.

When you take a sex therapy treatment with me you can suspend your fear, leave your worries outside on the street, explore your needs and trust that my motivation and satisfaction is totally about your welfare.

Sex therapy combines both therapeutic techniques and sensual arousal that can include genital massage. It is a massage that does not ignore sexual arousal but actively embraces it as the natural process that it is.

I would like to invite you to experience my sex therapy. When you arrive, you are guaranteed to be warmly welcomed and treated with respect, kindness and care.

Why have sex therapy?

It may be that you are just in need of some time out from a busy schedule or that you are in Nelson on holiday or on business. Possibly you are wanting to expand your sensual horizons or explore your sexuality. For some it can be because of a lack of intimacy or sexual satisfaction within a relationship, for couples it can be about livening up their sensual lives and use it to explore new sexual horizons. Whatever your motivation, when you take a treatment with me, you are guaranteed that you will leave having been totally cared for, your body completely relaxed with your mind calm and your spirit revived, ready to tackle the day to day challenges life throws your way.

Sex therapy is about receiving and sometimes sharing intimate sensual touch with another human being, it is often experienced within the use of massage techniques to achieve or enhance sexual arousal. It can be of great help to those wanting to learn more about sensual arousal, either for themselves or others, and for couples, to help enhance their lovemaking. Sex therapy typically features massage in erogenous zones of the body to increase sexual arousal and can, for most, result in orgasm.

  Some reasons why people want sex therapy;
  • I have aching or strained muscles and enjoy a firm massage but also enjoy the light sensual touch.
  • I feel in need of intimate touch and to be pampered and cared for without needing to give in return.
  • I am in a good partnership but the intimacy has gone, however I need my sensual batteries recharged without challenging my relationship.
  • I am on a personal journey and want to take my own sensuality to another level.
  • I am bisexual and need a safe place in which to experience this part of me.
  • I have a busy life with many responsibilities and I need some ‘me time’ to give over my control and to be cared for intimately.
  • I am historically heterosexual but have become curious to experience the intimate touch of another man and want to experience male to male intimacy within a safe, discreet and comfortable environment.

News: now located in Nelson.